Diamondbacks pitcher Daniel Hudson would like a new baseball card

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Daniel Hudson got hosed on his Topps baseball card photo.

Baseball cards tend to have a good action shot of the player on the front and stats on the back. Sounds like a pretty simple operation.

Hudson, however, was not so fortunate.

Currently rehabbing from Tommy John surgery on his throwing elbow, Hudson picked up a new pack of baseball cards yesterday and found one of his very own.

Too bad it turns out the picture used on his card was taken moments before coaches and trainers arrived to the mound to inspect his throwing arm that contained a newly bum elbow thanks to a torn ulnar collateral ligament.

Come on, there has to be some sort of photo selection protocol here where the checklist includes something like: “Was the picture taken during the worst moment of the player’s professional career and/or involve him being taken out of a game due to a serious injury?”

Why not just go with this photo?

At least Hudson is taking the affront in stride, tweeting “Thank @toppscards for using a close up of me right after my elbow blew out! Card will be around forever as a reminder!”

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