Kansas: Important right-to-carry reform clears House of Representatives and goes to Governor

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Today, the Kansas House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 21, an important Right-to-Carry reform, by a 119 to 13 vote.  Introduced by the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee, SB 21 already passed in the Senate by a unanimous vote and now goes to Governor Sam Brownback (R) for his consideration.

SB 21 is a Right-to-Carry reform that would make a number of important changes.  The most substantial change would allow for universal recognition of non-resident carry permits.  In other words, any law-abiding visitor from out-of-state with a valid state-issued carry permit would be allowed to carry a concealed handgun in Kansas for self-defense.  This change would not only benefit concealed carry permit holders in other states but it will also make it more likely that other states will recognize Kansas’ carry permit.

Also under SB 21, new Kansas residents who hold a valid concealed carry permit from their previous state of residence would be able to instantly apply for a Kansas permit instead of waiting to acquire their official Kansas resident status.  New residents would be granted a temporary “180-day receipt” to carry on their old permit while their applications are considered and processed.  The state Attorney General would also be able to create a list of states which meet or exceed Kansas’ requirements and that would automatically qualify for recognition for issuance of a Kansas permit.

Thank you to the state Representatives who stood up for Kansas’ law-abiding gun owners and to NRA members who have contacted their state legislators in support of SB 21.  Please contact Governor Brownback and politely ask him to sign Senate Bill 21 into law.

Governor Sam Brownback

Phone:  785-296-3232


In other pro-gun action, the House Committee on Elections approved Senate Bill 45, an important reform ensuring taxpayer funds do not finance expensive gun control advertisements.  Introduced by the state Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee, SB 45 already passed in the state Senate by a 32 to 8 vote and now goes to the House floor for further consideration.

Please contact the House Majority Leader and your state Representative and respectfully urge them to schedule a vote on this important bill as soon as possible.

House Majority Leader Jene Vickrey

Phone: 785-296-7662
Email: jene.vickrey@house.ks.gov

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