Top 10: Meanest coaches in sports movies [SLIDESHOW]

Rutgers University’s head basketball coach Mike Rice was fired this week after video proof surfaced that he was physically and verbally abusive to his players.

This is an unfortunate trend in real life college and professional sports, but it is also a common theme in fictionalized sports movies also.

Here are the 10 meanest coaches in sports movies from “A League of Their Own” to “Dodgeball.”

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  • Perhaps the worst of the worst movie football coaches of all time is Coach Bud Kilmer of the West Canaan Coyotes in "Varsity Blues." He is eventually forced out of town and the statue of him near the stadium is torn down. All hail Mox.
  • Head basketball coach Norman Dale in "Hoosiers" fights to prove himself after getting fired from a previous head coaching job for hitting a player. The tale, however, is one of redemption and winning -- as all great sports movies are.
  • "THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL," says head baseball coach Tom Hanks to a team full of women in "A League of Their Own." Yeah, right.
  • "Fright Night Lights'" assistant Coach Mac makes a racist comment in the second season that prompts a boycott from the team's black players. Not to worry -- Coach Taylor saves the day and gets the players back, as he does.
  • Being wheelchair-bound doesn't stop "Dodgeball" coach Patches O'Houlihan from throwing wrenches and various sundries at his players.
  • Denzel Washington's Coach Herman Boone in "Remember the Titans" is considered a "mean cuss" by pushing his players to the limit. But maybe he is just inspirational. He does, after all, help integrate one of the first football teams in Virginia in the 1960's.
  • After primadonna third baseman Roger Dorne tells manager Lou Brown that his contract states that he is not required to do calisthenics, Brown takes the contract and subsequently urinates on it in "Major League."
  • After Tom Cruise's character in "All the Right Moves" fumbles the football to lose the big game, the coach played by Craig T. Nelson kicks him off the team. The town retaliates by vandalizing his yard, as small football towns are wont to do.
  • In "D2: Mighty Ducks" Iceland's Coach Wolf Stansson bullies Junior Team USA's Coach Gordon Ramsay -- and his team of kids. No wonder Scandinavians are usually Bond villains.
  • The softie manager of the Durham Bulls in "Bull Durham" goes crazy in the famous "lolligagers" scene.

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