Scarborough: Republicans that filibuster gun control ‘put rapists’ rights over parents’ rights’ [VIDEO]

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough voiced his agreement with Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, who on Sunday’s “Face the Nation” on CBS questioned those Republicans who are threatening a filibuster on pending gun control legislation.

Scarborough said such a filibuster would be an example of the GOP putting “rapists’ rights ahead over parents’ rights.”

“[I] tell you what, Richard Haass, I saw John McCain there,” Scarborough said. “And I’m hopeful. Because, you know, there are a lot of guys out there in the Senate and they are going out because it’s a free shot. This is free. I’m going to filibuster gun control and you automatically win unconditional support from a segment of your voting population. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s not like making a tough choice on Medicare or Medicaid or Sociall Security. This costs you nothing. But it does cost the Republican Party, overall. And I think John McCain understands that.”

“We got an issue that is a 92-7 [percent] issue and I can’t believe that Republicans, first of all, aren’t going to support it, but secondly won’t let background checks against rapists, people who have committed manslaughter in the past, people with mental illness, dangerous mental illness — I can’t believe those Republicans are going to allow the entire Republican Party to be the party that basically put rapists’ rights over parents’ rights to keep their kids safe when they go to school,” he continued.

Scarborough went through a list of recent gun tragedies and warned Republicans that they would be on the wrong side of history if they continue to oppose new firearm regulations, especially if another tragedy takes place.