Lars Hedegaard on the issue that nearly led to his murder: immigration [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford | Freelance Photographer

Lars Hedegaard, the editor of Swedish weekly newspaper Dispatch International who survived an assassination attempt in February, spoke candidly to The Daily Caller about the issues that are thought to have provoked the attempt on his life: Immigration and the isolation of ethnic groups that are resistant to assimilating with the culture of their adoptive country.

“It’s not immigration as such [that is the problem], because we have people coming from China, from Vietnam, from Sri Lanka, from India [and] many other places, and they fit in wonderfully. You never hear anything about them, because they tend to get a job and send their kids to school, and they do well, learn the language and they can keep whatever they want of their traditions — as long as that does not contravene the basic tenets of our culture. Not so with most of the Muslim immigrants. I wouldn’t say all, but most. They won’t hear of our culture.”

He also explained why the subject is such a hot-button issue in certain European countries but not others, tracing the unwillingness to be critical of certain behaviors back to World War II. Dispatch International is well known for publicly condemning political correctness and Islamic radicalism.

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