What if America’s pastime weren’t baseball? [SLIDESHOW]

Baseball season is in full swing — literally. And since it’s America’s pastime, everyone is required to love baseball.

Sure, baseball season is awesome. Who doesn’t love drinking a nice cold beverage under the sun while rooting for the home team? But sometimes it would be nice to mix it up, right, America?

Here is a list of some other potential past times.

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  • Human tetris. A great game combining agility and flexibility and problem solving. What more does America want?
  • Light-saber dueling. For those who like to live a little more dangerously
  • Dragon training. There's literally an entire movie explaining how to do it.
  • Wand dueling. The best way to settle any score
  • Rollerball. The pinnacle of human athleticism
  • Pod racing. It's kind of like NASCAR, but not.
  • The Hunger Games. In Obama's America, anything's possible. (Photo: MTV.com)
  • Live Action Role Play, more commonly known as larping. Yup, it's a thing.
  • Quidditch. If it was good enough for Harry and his friends, it's good enough for America.
  • Baseketball. It's the sport of the people.

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