Ditching the bra leads to perkier and healthier boobs, says science [SLIDESHOW]

A French university released the findings of a 15-year study to determine the effect of of bras on women’s breasts. The resounding conclusion was that wearing a bra on a daily basis actually leads to saggier breasts and more health problems, reports the Sun.

The professor conducting the study, Jean-Denis Rouillon, measured the distance between nipples and shoulders of women aged 18 to 35. “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra,” he said.

While it may take some time to change the popular beliefs held about the undergarments, some actresses have been on the braless train for some time. Here are some great moments in free-boobing.

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  • Roller girl Heather Graham isn't shy about keeping the health of her back as a priority
  • Christina Ricci has surpassed child stardom and achieved fame in her own right after adopting a freeform lifestyle
  • Kirsten Dunst doesn't seem to be inhibited by bras or pants
  • She might be known for daisy dukes, but Jessica Simpson never forgets about her upper half as well
  • She may be in constant trouble with the law, but Lindsay Lohan will only get glowing reviews from a chiropractor
  • Vanessa Hudgens gives her girls their own "spring break" from constricting brassieres
  • Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad keeps things easy and breezy
  • Jennifer Lopez is an avid follower of most French scientific studies

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