Ken Wahl talks animals, how he met his wife, and his possible run for Congress

Wahl is adamant that he is not a politician.

“Number one, I hate wearing suits, I’m a T-shirt and jeans guy. I hate wearing suits with a passion. When I was an actor I had to wear suits, and I hated it then, but at least they paid me for it,” he said.

“I’m also not a very sociable guy,” he went on.

“I’m not the life of the party. I would much rather sit back and observe people. … I’m not the kind of guy that goes around … kissing babies, though I love babies,” he said.

“I just hate the phony big smile thing, I just hate that political stuff.”

“If I do do it, it’ll be different, ’cause I really don’t have the personality for it,” he said, mocking the thing politicians do when “they shake hands and they put their other hand on the person’s shoulder and look deeply into your eyes like ‘I really care about what you think.’ And they don’t. ‘I want your money, I want your vote.'”

“I’m much more comfortable … one on one, than I am with a lot of people,” he said.

“I don’t even know how I would address a big crowd or anything,” he went on.

“You might think that’s kind of odd given that I used to be an actor, but when you’re a film actor, particularly, you have a scene with another person, you’re just involved with that other person, and you completely ignore the camera … so that doesn’t require any kind of gregariousness,” he said.

“So I get a kick out of it, thinking about it, how it would be,” he said.

Wahl’s wife, Shane Barbi — she signs her emails “Mrs. Wahl” — is one half of the Barbi Twins, and, with her identical twin Sia, was featured on the cover of two Playboy Magazine covers that boosted record high sales.

The two met through a mutual acquaintance who worked at the local grocery store.

“This one day I felt halfway decent and had my buddy take me to the grocery store,” Wahl recounted, which was “a big thrilling out for me” at the time because he was in such bad shape that “the things that you take for granted normally when you’re really well are a big deal.”

While he was there, the girl he knew who worked at the grocery store told him, “I think I’ve got a girl you might like,” she told Barbi, “I think I’ve got a guy you might like.”

But Wahl was in no shape to meet her; so instead, they spent six months talking on the phone before he finally felt up to meeting her in person.

Wahl said the two “just pretty much picked up our conversation where we left it on the phone, and just continued from there.”

We’ve been together ever since,” he said.

Barbi’s political views are also “very independent,” she says. Her husband has dubbed her particular brand of politics the “green tea party”; she calls herself “green independent.”

“I’m a weirdo,” she says of her politics.