Top 10: Hot golfers [SLIDESHOW]

Springtime means golf season … for some people, anyway.

Looking at the fine ladies of the LPGA, one wonders why Tiger Woods even ventured out to solicit hookers, when so many young women in his profession are far more eligible.

Whether they’re on the LPGA tour or not, these women are hot.

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  • Golf Punk magazine -- a magazine for the true golf professional.
  • This girl seems like she is ready for The Master's Tournament.
  • Anna Rawson, teeing to shoot off into the great Salt Lake.
  • Trapped in the sand? (Photo: Golf Punk)
  • Natalie Gulbis posing for the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition.
  • This girl looks like she knows how to handle a driver.
  • Danielle Montgomery, balls deep.
  • Seems like a great day out on the links (Photo: Golf Punk)
  • Golfer Blair O'Neal is ready to play.
  • Teeing up for success (Photo: Golf Punk)

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