Aired on NBC News: ‘We don’t know sh*t’

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

During NBC News’ live coverage of the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnev, a profanity was inadvertently aired as anchor Brian Williams handed off the network’s coverage to New England Cable News.

“What’s that?” an unidentified voice then said. “Is that amazing? Oh, you’re not listening? Oh, we don’t know — we don’t shit.”

After an awkward pause, Williams jumped back in with an apology, blaming a communication mix-up on NECN’s part, but then resumed coverage of the manhunt.

“Well, that was a fortuitous time to dip into the coverage of New England Cable News,” Williams said. “We apologize for the language we inadvertently aired during what was a mix-up of communications on their part. They have what we should probably get on the air, which is a Google Earth map of the confines.”

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