Tea-party favorite Joe Miller mulls another Senate run to fight government tyranny

Former Republican Alaska Senate contender Joe Miller is considering a comeback, in part because he thinks America is now living under tyranny.

The Sarah Palin-backed tea party favorite shocked the Alaska political establishment in 2010 by beating incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the GOP Senate primary. But Murkowski decided to keep calm and carry on as a write-in candidate in the general election. She ultimately edged out Miller and Democratic candidate Scott McAdams to become the first senator since Strom Thurmond to win a Senate seat by write-in.

Since the defeat, Miller has been practicing law in Fairbanks, working on his political blog and traveling around the world. He told The Daily Caller in an extensive phone interview Wednesday that he has taken two trips to Israel and Europe since 2010. He also visited China.

But now he thinks it might be time to get back in the political fight as a candidate. In a post on his blog last week, he announced he is considering a run in 2014 against Democratic Sen. Mark Begich.

“The founders didn’t intend for the central government to have this degree of power,” Miller told TheDC.

“It is something that obviously in the wrong hands could be wielded in such a way that it absolutely would be tyranny in this country. … We need to take a stand against those things that are unconstitutional, that are contrary to what the founders have intended, and stop it.”

After mulling over his thoughts on the subject of whether America is living under tyranny, Miller changed his mind in a follow-up email to TheDC. America, he decided, is in fact living under tyranny, even if it is a soft tyranny.

“[I]f the EPA’s systematic obstruction of the development of Alaska’s trillions of dollars worth of resources at a time when many Alaskans are unemployed or underemployed isn’t tyranny, you tell me what is?” he wrote.

“To be sure, it is a soft tyranny,” he concluded, after listing other powers that the federal government has claimed which he believes are despotic. “But it is tyranny nonetheless.”

Civil liberties and gun rights are under threat and America is becoming a surveillance state, Miller explained. He believes the situation in the country “screams for action.”

“I really believe that in order for us to address that, it is going to require people that basically have backbones of titanium willing to stand up and say [that] this is the wrong direction for the country, similar to what we’ve seen with [Republican Sens.] Ted Cruz [of Texas] and Rand Paul [of Kentucky],” he said.