Bruins player tweets ‘no homo’ right as NHL partners with LGBT alliance group

Sarah Hofmann | Contributor

The Boston Bruins’ Tyler Seguin tweeted out a music video that his friends had made late Monday night, saying that it gave him “goosebumps no homo.” This comment unfortunately comes right after the NHL has partnered with You Can Play Project, which supports LGBT youth in sports, reports SBnation.

Seguin immediately removed the tweet and apologized, saying that he was half asleep. But he didn’t delete it quick enough, as it had already gained public attention and caught the eye of Patrick Burke, the founder of You Can Play.

Burke said he already plans on meeting with Seguin and the Bruins, but that they don’t intend any sort of disciplinary action or scolding.

Seguin was the leading scorer for the Bruins for the 2011-2012 season. You Can Play Project was founded in March 2012 and officially partnered with the NHL in mid April 2013.

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