Matt Lewis

Ron Paul criticizes Boston lockdown

Sen. Rand Paul, I have little doubt, will run for president in 2016. And I have even less doubt his dad will be a problem.

The last two days illustrate why, even after retirement, the senior Paul will continue to be a controversial figure.

Yesterday, TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein noted the “academic board for former Rep. Ron Paul’s recently unveiled Institute for Peace and Prosperity includes at least one 9/11 Truther and two of the most well-known apologists for Iran’s theocratic government in the United States.”

Today, the Corner notes a recent Ron Paul appearance on Fox Business Network’s Cavuto, in which he seemed to criticize the police efforts to catch the Boston bombers.

“I mean, we had martial law out there,” Paul said. “The federal government is not supposed to be our police force.”

“It’s criminal that people tolerated this so much, that we tolerated this marital law, and total acceptance that they can come into our houses and we cannot even go out of the house,” he said.

Last point: I love how Cavuto ends the discussion by simply saying of Ron Paul, “you make people think.”