Swedish police find marijuana on Justin Bieber’s tour bus

According to a shocking new report, marijuana was found on the tour bus of a world-famous musician.

Justin Bieber’s tour bus was raided Wednesday night in Stockholm, Sweden after a police officer “sensed what was considered to be a strong smell of marijuana,” according to Sweden’s English-language news website The Local.

Swedish police spokesman Lars Byström, who is a real person and not the name of a fiction Bond villain, said that a “small amount” of the alleged marijuana was confiscated. Since when are Europeans so uptight about a little bit of weed?

The substance has been sent to a lab for testing to determine if it is in fact marijuana, because it could be plenty of things. (Just kidding.)

It is unclear who the substance belonged to, and no one on the bus has been charged with a crime yet.

“We don’t have any concrete suspicions against any specific person; there were several people on the bus,” Byström told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

Bieber, 19, was photographed smoking a blunt earlier this year.

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