Hume: The country ‘may be ready’ for another President Bush [VIDEO]

Last week, upon the opening of former President George W. Bush’s presidential library, Bush’s mother and former first lady Barbara Bush told NBC’s “Today” show that she thought the country “had enough Bushes” and that it was time for someone else to run for the job. She said this despite constant speculation that her other son, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, could soon make a run for the White House.

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” network senior political analyst Brit Hume said he had expected Barbara Bush to say that, chalking it up to the shots her husband and sons had taken in their political careers.

“She suffered terribly when the slings and arrows were being aimed, first at her husband, then at her son and then to whatever extent it was at her other son,” Hume said. “And I think she’s fed up, and long had enough of her men being on the firing line.”

Hume went on to say that in this day and age of sped-up news cycles and Jeb Bush’s different look from his father and brother, the public could be willing to accept the former Florida governor as a president.

“But I think in terms of the public’s estimation, that cycles are accelerated these days and the country may now indeed be ready for another Bush,” he added. “And if you think about Jeb Bush, he doesn’t particularly look like either his father or his brother. He’s a different breed of cat, outwardly at least. He has some of the same qualities — traditional views, gentlemanliness and so on. I think if he decides he wants to run, he will be a formidable candidate.”

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