US forces could have intervened in Benghazi, ‘special operator’ tells Fox News

Those with knowledge of what went down in Benghazi “feel threatened and are afraid to talk,” the source told Fox News.

Active duty service members within the special operations community “would be decapitated” if they spoke out, the source insisted, though that same community feels betrayed by the Obama administration.

“There were at least two elite military units that could have made it in time” to preempt or turn back the second attack, Housley¬†reports.

“Two more assets that could have been on the ground,” explained the special operator. “It’s frustrating. It’s upsetting, especially being in the community. The hardest thing to deal with in any kind of, you know, dangerous scenario or gun fight is, you know, we always look to each other to help each other.¬†And that’s how we get through situations. It’s not about the assets overhead. It’s about the guys on the ground.”

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