Five times Terry McAuliffe admits he ditched his wife for politics

Scuttles ‘romantic weekend’ after leaving wife in Puerto Rico to see Clinton

In 1995, McAuliffe and his wife had planned to spend some time in Puerto Rico after the Democrat completed some business down there. But the “romantic weekend” didn’t last long.

“No sooner had Dorothy arrived and the five of us had hit the beach and ordered up a round of pina coladas when a waiter came out and tried to talk to me in a heavy accent. It took a few minutes before I deciphered that El Presidente was calling for Mr. Magooloff,” he wrote.

President Clinton asked him to come back to Washington the next morning to attend a meeting.

“Dorothy wasn’t going anywhere, not with the Golden Door Spa at her disposal with all the amenities, so I left her behind with [another Democrat] in our beautiful suite overlooking the ocean.”

Forgot to tell his wife he loaned Clinton more than $1 million for new home

Right after McAuliffe famously loaned the Clinton’s more than $1 million dollars to help them buy their post-presidency home in New York, President Clinton asked McAuliffe what his wife thought of the arrangement.

He had forgotten to tell her.

“Holy cow!” I said. “I haven’t told Dorothy yet. Mr. President, can I borrow the phone again?”

McAuliffe recalls explaining this to his wife: “Honey, I want to prepare you…Be careful how you answer the phone today. We just lent the President almost a million and a half dollars to help buy their new home.”

Admits he spent more time with Gore in ’93 than his wife

McAuliffe admits he spent more time with a certain Democratic vice president than his wife one year.

“I spent more time with Al Gore than I did with my own wife in 1993, when I was chairman of the Business Leadership Forum, doing dozens of events with him all over the country to bring in young entrepreneurs as new supporters of the party,” Gore said.

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