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              In this image released by HBO, horses race in a scene from the HBO original series "Luck."  The former director of the American Humane Association

Greatest classic racehorse movies [SLIDESHOW]

Arguably the most interesting part of the Kentucky Derby coverage, if you can hear the talking heads in your julep-induced haze, are the backstories of the horses. What their weird names mean, how the owners got them and what the trainers have done before the big race are all crucial to understanding the veritable melee that is the derby.

Nothing is better than an underdog story, however, and every horse movie seems to have that motivational theme in spades. It’s impossible not to become invested in great movies about horse racing and cheer during the beautiful, culminating scenes in which all the dreams of the characters are realized.

Here are some of the top picks for movies to watch to get you into the derby spirit.

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