When two become one: Music duos that ended before their time [SLIDESHOW]

Chris Kelly of the erstwhile tween rap duo Kris Kross died this week after suffering a drug overdose.

From Paul and John to Chris and Chris, here are music duos torn apart by drugs, anorexia, bullets and trees.

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  • After being discovered in a mall, Chris Kelly and Chris Smith formed the tween hip-hop duo Kriss Kross. They were most famous for their 1992 song "Jump." Kelly died May 1 at the age of 34 from a suspected drug overdose.
  • Ike and Tina Turner were one of R&B's hottest duos throughout the late 1960s and mid-1970s. Ike's cocaine problem, however, ultimately led to the demise of the music and the marriage. Ike's name became synonymous with wife-beating, and his music career flailed after the two divorced in 1978. Tina's solo career took off, and she is still one of the most commanding divas to this day. Ike died in 2007 following a relapse.
  • Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield, aka The Righteous Brothers, had a tumultuous relationship from their early 1960s beginnings. After just a few hits, they lost that lovin' feeling and stopped recording for six years. The duo made a comeback in 1974 that lasted fairly steadily until Hatfield died of a cocaine overdose in 2003. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Sonny and Cher Bono were one of the most famous music duos of all time. The couple were married and made music and a TV show together until their divorce in 1975. Things were really over after Sonny died from a skiing accident in 1998. Cher still sings their songs, including "I Got You Babe" at her concerts. (KEVORK DJANSEZIAN/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Although John Lennon and Paul McCartney were part of a four-member group, everyone knows John and Paul were the center of The Beatles. John and Paul co-wrote almost all of the group's songs, and even co-wrote songs for bands like The Rolling Stones. That partnership finally ended after Lennon was shot and killed in 1980. (Photo: AP)
  • Karen and Richard Carpenter made up the 70's duo The Carpenters until 1983, when Karen died from heart failure due to her severe anorexia.

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