People Elizabeth Colbert Busch may actually have a chance of beating [SLIDESHOW]

Democratic Congressional candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch lost to Republican Mark Sanford in Tuesday night’s special election for South Carolina’s First District, an election that drew national attention.

Even with the endorsement of younger brother Stephen Colbert, Colbert Busch didn’t come close to beating the former Palmetto State governor who was censured by the state legislature after it turned out he had been trysting with his Argentinian lover and using public funds to pay for the romance.

The result of Tuesday night’s election raises the question, if Colbert Busch can’t beat a guy who has completely disgraced his party by lying about a foreign lover…whom can she beat?

The answers may surprise you.

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  • Nothing says voice of the people like blowing up modern technology and people, as the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski did.
  • Because Charlie Sheen's tiger blood and Adonis DNA still wouldn't help him curry favor with the people.
  • Heidi Fleiss might not make a good congressman, but she certainly made a good number of men happy during her tenure as America's most infamous madam. (Photo: HBO)
  • Dick pics and muscle-flexing tweets do not a Congressional campaign make. Sorry Anthony Weiner.
  • At least Colbert Busch didn't abduct, then brutally rape and torture three women for nearly a decade in Cleveland, Ohio, as this guy, Ariel Castro, allegedly did.
  • Teen mom Farrah Abraham just made a sex tape. While that doesn't disqualify her from running for Congress, she isn't exactly the voice of the people.
  • The remaining brother of the Boston bombing, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, will sooner be dead than beating Colbert Busch.

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