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Colorado health insurance exchange seeks another $125 million to implement Obamacare

Health Overhaul Applying for Benefits

‘Just because federal funds are available doesn’t mean we should ask for them’

Ted Cruz and John McCain: The secret emails revealed

John McCain
McCain confronts freshman senator, and things get nasty in email exchange

Dershowitz: Ted Cruz one of Harvard Law's smartest students

Ted Cruz

‘He was always very active in class, presenting a libertarian point of view’

Guns, gays and grass: Colorado wraps up historic legislative session

Civil Unions Colorado
'I don't think I've ever seen a session in my life with so many big issues'

Obama is going to tell people how the White House is organized

The White House at night. Alex Wong/Getty Images.

Signs executive order to open up government data

MS-13 member captured after posting ad for his pony and moon bounce rental business [PICTURE]

MS 13 pose

The gang member is an illegal immigrant who was deported in 2012, yet made it back into the country

Colgate professor sends insanely condescending email to senior class president


After walking out on student’s speech, professor insists she comes from very funny family

CNN host questions Amanda Knox on 'deviant sex'

‘This is their theory. That you went in there for some kind of freaky sexual activity that went wrong’

Families say Muslim cleric disparaged dead Navy SEALS at their own funeral


‘Sinners and infidels who are fodder for the hell fire’

Firearms industry praises U.S. Rep. John R. Carter for introducing Secure Firearms Act - National Shooting Sports Foundation

nssf logo

“$1,200 federal income tax deduction for the purchase of a gun safe”

Limbaugh on Benghazi: 'It's old news'

‘The administration has gotten away with it’

Foxx is underwhelming choice for transportation secretary

The Charlotte mayor is inexperienced and incompetent.

Colorado middle school students shown 'anti-frack' rap - TheDCNF


‘Poisoned air’ not ‘fair’

Former Air Force One plane for sale

Former Air Force One

See the price at which bidding starts for the DC-9 aircraft

Not so Secret: First agent to talk about Secret Service prostitute scandal [VIDEO] - CBS

Says behavior was legal, not against rules

Feds charge Tunisian citizen with Amtrak terror plot

Boston Marathon Travel.JPEG

According to the FBI, Abassi came to the U.S. in March

House GOP pushes more abortion-clinic regulations

Kermit Gosnell. Getty Images.

Blackburn: ‘Gosnell has debunked the myth that abortion in America is safe, legal, and rare’

Female Hill staffers line up for a glimpse of Prince Harry

Staffers were sadly cleared out a few minutes later

Sext with caution: Snapchat photos can be recovered from your phone

Sex-Ed Texting

Ppopular app that is supposed to self destruct photos in seconds actually saves all of them