MS-13 member captured after posting ad for his pony and moon bounce rental business [PICTURE]

Sarah Hofmann | Contributor

Dilbert Coreas, a Salvadoran immigrant living in Palm Beach, Florida has been arrested on federal charges and is awaiting deportation (for a second time) after police recognized him as a member of MS-13. They were able to find Coreas from the pictures he posted on Facebook of his children’s party rental business, Fox News reports.

Coreas runs “It’s a Kid’z World Party Planning and Rental” — a business renting pony rides, moon bounces and fair food machines for children’s parties. Police monitored him as he supplied party goods for a number of parties.

They believe he is a member of Mara Salvatrucha, a violent Central American gang also known as MS-13. That gang is known for using machetes to murder people and for being covered in gang tattoos.

Coreas was arrested in 2009 for felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute, as well as tampering with evidence and resisting arrest. He was first deported back to El Salvador in 2012.

Facebook image.

Facebook image.

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