Limbaugh on Benghazi: ‘The administration has gotten away with it’; ‘it’s old news’

On his Thursday radio program, Rush Limbaugh conspicuously put Wednesday’s House oversight committee hearing on last September’s terrorist attack in Benghazi on the back burner, devoting his first hour mostly to the Jodi Arias verdict and the alleged kidnapping of three females in Cleveland.

At the top of his second hour, Limbaugh explained why he had not yet featured on the show by saying he thought his listeners had already been made aware of all the details of the hearing.

“Those of you who listen to this program know exactly what happened in Benghazi, and you know exactly why the White House didn’t want anyone to know about it,” Limbaugh said. “There’s just one remaining question that I have been asking for weeks; no, I’ve been asking this question for months. Where was Obama during all of it? That’s the one thing that nobody knows. Where was Obama when four Americans were under assault and ultimately being killed? And there doesn’t seem to be any curiosity inside official Washington.”

He also said that the media has already dismissed the news as nothing more than a “political effort,” despite widespread coverage in the top newspapers.

“The media is treating it today as a non-event or as a Republican political effort to embarrass our delightful president and our future president, Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Perhaps one of the more surprising elements of Limbaugh’s analysis was his suggestion that the Obama administration has gotten away with a cover-up.

“Now for everybody that had their hopes up that this was going to mean something, I warned you,” he said. “If the media doesn’t get behind this and if it only lasts one day, it’s going to come and go and become a non-event. And the Republicans basically launched everything they had in one day, and that’s it. And so now, the media is spinning it as a Republican political effort that failed. The whistle-blowers — you heard them, you heard them choking up and crying. You heard their testimony.”

“We played it yesterday, and I’m sure if you watched some cable news last night, you got snippets of it,” he continued. “You saw the pain, the tears, the choke-up, the suffering, the disbelief, the incredulity when they were told this was the result of a video. Basically in this audience, you know what the truth was or is, and you also know the administration has gotten away with it. Now it’s old news. They have gotten away with the cover-up. They have gotten away with mischaracterizing it. They’ve gotten away with spinning it as another failed, inept Republican political effort.”

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