Taj Gibson doesn’t like that call, thank you very much [VIDEO]

Taj Gibson got a little angry last night during his Bulls’ blowout loss to the Heat.

On the receiving end of a few bad calls, the Chicago forward just couldn’t hold back any longer.

Gibson blew a gasket and was escorted out of the arena by uniformed police officers.

Refs were kicking the Bulls when they were down, making questionable calls against Chicago and allowing Miami to do whatever they pleased, much like the Chicago players did all night.

Great analysis by color man Steve Kerr, who is right in every account. Taj Gibson should have been ejected but he was right to get upset. His team was getting crushed and had no chance of coming back, so it wasn’t like his exit from the game hurt the Bulls.

“I don’t blame Gibson. I’d take (a technical foul) there too. He got hammered when he got called for the travel. And then there was a goaltend that wasn’t called…I’d take it too, I don’t care. In a blowout as a player, Marv (Albert), there’s no bigger  sign of disrespect when the officials just blatantly miss a couple calls in a row…You’re already feeling like you’ve been trampled on by the Heat, and then you feel like the officials have kind of piled on. Gibson, really two tough calls in a row, and he just says ‘Forget it.'”

Indeed, Steve.

Gibson and fellow Chicago big man Joakim Noah were rightfully tossed from the game by officials, but only after being subjected to some awful officiating that didn’t exactly help Chicago’s already bad night on the court.


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