Matt Lewis

Lewis’ Lagniappe …

1. National Journal’s Ron Fournier on “scrubbing the truth from Benghazi.”

2. The IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups. (Then, on a conference call, a senior IRS official confesses: “I”m not good at math.)

3. The DC Examiner’s Philip Klein on how the Newseum plans to honor Hamas employees on its journalists memorial.

4. Christianity Today on the late Dallas Willard: “His home, like his mind, was furnished mostly with books.”

5. Via HotAir: Cleveland kidnapper may face death penalty — for beating pregnant captive until she miscarried.

6. A special Mother’s Day edition of the DMZ Show.

7. My latest: A conservative defense of government.

8. Tucker Carlson wrote about the unseemly roots of anti-immigration back in 1997.

9. Michael Wear in the Atlantic on How the GOP Can Win Back the Values Debate — and How Dems Could Lose It.

10. Rove hits Hillary on Benghazi: