Mark Levin may have prompted IRS-conservative group revelations

“Shortly after they got the letter, two agents from the Treasury Department’s inspector general’s office did interview me fairly thoroughly at our offices at Landmark — wanted all the information we had, which I provided them and I also discussed with them what I considered the law to be and what I considered the violations to be. I gave them our various contacts and then they left and we never heard from them again, which is typical.”

Landmark Legal Foundation’s March 2012 letter to the Treasury Department Inspector General:

The conservative said that in his view this was more than just misconduct by a few IRS employees and had broader constitutional implications.

“It’s pretty straightforward and remarkable what the IRS was trying to do to these groups, including how it violated the Constitution and the First Amendment without any question,” he added. “The partisan political nature was never in doubt.”

Levin said it was his goal to expose and stop this corruption, and he suggested that this activity went higher up than just “low-level IRS employees.” He also called on Congress to investigate, which Republicans Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Rep. Darrell Issa of California have already vowed to do.

“I’m extremely skeptical that a couple of low-level IRS employees on their own put together these rather extensive questionnaires for Tea Party groups,” Levin said. “But I noticed today that members of Congress said there are going to be hearings and that’s exactly what’s called for — federal hearings with subpoena power putting people under oath.”

Levin also told The Daily Caller he would be willing to testify before any appropriate congressional committee if called upon.

“I’m happy to testify about what we provided to the Treasury Department and what I advised them,” he said. “It’s no great secret. It’s right there in the letter.”

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