Obama dismisses reporter question on IRS with the wave of his hand

President Obama dismissed a reporter’s question about the IRS intimidating conservative groups during the election with a wave of his hand on Monday morning.

Monday’s White House pool reporter — who is responsible for representing the entire press corps at select White House events — was David Boyer of The Washington Times.

Boyer described his question to the president and Obama’s reaction in a Monday morning pool report:

Pool was ushered in to the Oval Office at 10:06 a.m. for a spray with British Prime Minister David Cameron. He was seated with the president and they were chatting when pool entered the room.

Mr. Obama said to the pool, “I hope everybody treated their mothers well yesterday.”

Then after a few more seconds, he said, “Alright, thanks guys.”

Your pooler asked the president if he had any comment on the IRS situation. Mr. Obama looked at pooler and motioned with his hand toward the outdoors. Your pooler took it to mean that he intended to address the question at the press conference later; or it could have meant, “time for you to go outdoors.” 

Stay tuned for the joint press conference at 11:15 a.m., which has been moved to the East Room from the Rose Garden.

Pool spray lasted about 60 seconds.

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