Matt Lewis

Rubio set to go on air in New Hampshire to defend Kelly Ayotte

Sen. Marco Rubio’s Reclaim America PAC is taking to the air in New Hampshire to defend Sen. Kelly Ayotte from a barrage of negative attack ads launched by a group funded by New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

A source close to Rubio confirms the ad below is slated to debut on TV tomorrow — and is part of a “six-figure buy” in the Granite state.

“The calculation was pretty simple: A bunch of New York City liberals are lying about Senator Ayotte, and spending big bucks to do it. We decided to set the record straight,” said one Rubio adviser.

Make no mistake, the ads are needed. As the Washington Post recently reported,

“American Future Fund, a conservative nonprofit, is up Friday with a $250,000 ad buysupporting Ayotte. That dwarfs the $25,000 buy from the National Rifle Association. But it pales in comparison to the ad buy from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which is estimated to be larger than $600,000.”

For Rubio, though, this is a smart investment for a variety of reasons. It should escape nobody that New Hampshire is also the first state in the nation to hold a Republican primary election.