IRS targeted conservative college interns

“When you’re audited, you’re not told why you’re being audited. So the first round of questions are pretty basic and general. In the subsequent rounds they asked invasive questions. Those are the questions we declined to answer. It’s none of their business, and it’s not part of a legitimate audit,” Fenner said.

“It has the feel of a watch list,” Fenner added.

2008 Leadership Institute intern Shane McGonigal, who is now a Leadership Institute regional field coordinator, said that he feared his family’s pizza parlor could be jeopardized by the IRS’ audit.

“It didn’t just affect me, it affected my family too,” McGonigal, who was a 21-year old Virginia college student during his 2008 internship, told TheDC.

“My family opened up a CiCi’s pizza franchise in Virginia, where i was employed after my internship,” McGonigal said, adding that he was relived the Leadership Institute did not disclose his post-internship employer to the IRS.

“They could have audited my family’s business,” McGonigal said. “I was very concerned.”

The IRS also demanded information on the high school and college students trained by the conservative group Linchpins of Liberty.

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