The many sullen faces of Kristen Stewart [PHOTOS]

Nearly a year after getting caught making out with a man who wasn’t Robert Pattinson and who happened to be married to someone else, Kristen Stewart is a single lady.

According to People Magazine, Stewart is “in a terrible mood” following the split, which must be terrifying for the people around her, because her general demeanor is that of a sullen, angry teenager because being a beautiful, 23-year-old millionaire just SUCKS.

Let’s take a look at all of Kristen Stewart’s angry faces and imagine what she was thinking at the time.

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  • "On second thought, I really shouldn't have worn my hair like this." (Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images)
  • "I am really perfecting this 'looks that can kill' thing." (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for AFI)
  • "So the whole world pretty much hates me now, but at least I am a millionaire." (Photo: Getty Images)
  • "This interview with Jimmy Fallon could be a really good chance for me to revamp my image if I were to act like a congenial, nice, normal person. But I think I will stand here with my arms crossed and my eyes rolled instead." (Photo: Getty Images)
  • "I probably should have thought twice about making out with a married man in front of photographers knowing that I would have to appear on a red carpet with my boyfriend and costar a few months later." (Photo: Getty Images)
  • "Ugh, this Hurricane Sandy charity telethon is really cutting into my moping time." (Photo: Getty Images)
  • "Ugh, I can't believe someone invited me to the most exclusive event of the entire year [the Academy Awards] and I have to actually show up and act happy." (Photo: Getty Images)
  • "Ugh, I can't believe I have to go to some dumbass Nickeloden event and pander to my largest fan base for a couple of hours. Kids are the worst." (Photo: Getty Images)

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