6 photos of Alex Jones looking like a crazy person [SLIDESHOW]

Alex Jones — a conspiracy theorist and host of the “Alex Jones Show” — makes ridiculous faces.

Take a look.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • Alex Jones in caricature form. (Photo via Flickr)
  • Alex Jones at his finest
  • Alex Jones weeping over corporate child kidnapping operations. (Photo via Mediaite)
  • Alex Jones tells pro-government caller to "shut up, slave"!  (Photo via Mediaite)
  • Alex Jones dressed up as the Joker in "honor of our wonderful president." Jones encouraged listeners to hang posters of Barack Obama photoshopped to look like the Joker all across the country. (Photo via YouTube)
  • Alex Jones continues with his newest conspiracy theory that the Oklahoma tornado was an inside job carried out by the government. (Photo via OneUtah.org)

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