8 weird parades you’ve never heard of [SLIDESHOW]

This Memorial Day there will be plenty of normal, patriotic parades marching through cities across the country.

But these aren’t your typical parades. From cat throwing to nude biking, we’ve compiled a list of the strangest parades you’ve probably never heard of.

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  • Kattenstoet, Ypres, Belgium. This parade commemorates tossing cats from balconies on “Cats’ Wednesdays.”
The people of Ypres brought cats to the city to hunt mice and other cloth-munching vermin. However, the cats quickly multiplied, and the townspeople rid themselves of the bothersome felines by disposing them from great heights. Today, the people of Ypres commemorate the tradition by tossing plastic cats over the famous cat parade.  (Photo: Dieter Deramoudt, Flickr)
  • Dragon Con Parade, Atlanta, Georgia
Bring out the nerds! People dressed as Batman, Harry Potter, Captain Kirk and others walk down the streets of Atlanta in the highly anticipated Dragon Con Parade. (Photo: Jon Geraghty, Flickr)
  • Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade, Long Beach, Florida. While many people like to dress up their dogs, the participants in this parade dress up like their dogs. Although only a few dogs can win the costume competition, many dogs (and their owners) suit-up for the parade. (Photo: mark_v_socal/ Flickr)
  • Parade of a Thousand Clown, Vincennes, Indiana. For those who fear clowns, this could be the worst event imaginable. However, for those entertained by the costumed comedians, the parade is must-see entertainment. The annual Parade of a Thousand Clown commemorates the famous comedian Red Skeleton and promotes the Red Skeleton Museum of American Comedy. (Photo: Jean Broady/ Flickr)
  • Running of the Nudes, Pamplona, Spain. To protest the annual Running of the Bulls, people strip down and run through the streets of Pamplona, covered in blood-red paint and stickers condemning the inhumane practices of bullfighting. (Photo: Cimione, Flickr)
  • Penis Parade, Kawasaki, Japan. Once a year, men, women and children crowd into the streets of Kawasaki to watch giant penises make their way through the city. The parade is part of a religious festival that finishes at the holy Kanayama shrine. (Photo: joy-tron, Flickr)
  • World Naked Bike Parade, Multiple Locations. Multiple times a year and in many different locations, people mount their bikes, remove their clothes and take to the streets. (Photo: Bland718, Flickr)
  • Zombie Parade, Brussels, Belgium. The living dead walk the streets of Brussels only once a year, but when they do, everyone comes to watch. (Photo: MOCKERY/ Flickr)