Shaq launches new cream soda line, featuring his face on every can

Paxton Delany | Contributor

On Tuesday, Shaquille O’Neal announced the launch of his new cream soda line, “SodaShaq,” in partnership with AriZona Beverage Company.

“Yo! @DrinkAriZona Just launched the new delicious #SodaShaq! Keep up kids 🙂 Comin to stores very soon,” @SHAQ tweeted.

The beverages are all cream soda based and come in four different flavors — strawberry, orange, vanilla and blueberry.

Shaq’s famous bald-headed mug is plastered on the front of every can. The NBA legend’s photographed expressions range from a pleasant smile to a tongue-out wild man.

O’Neal’s soda is hardly the first Shaq-flavored product in his career. Shaq has appeared on everything from Wheaties boxes, to shoes, to his own television series.

His 1996 family comedy film “Kazaam” left an enduring impression, but is widely considered among the worst movies of all time.

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