Howard Dean: ‘The Daily Caller is a propaganda organization’ [VIDEO]

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean had a visceral reaction to host Joe Scarborough’s mention of Daily Caller blogger Matt Lewis and his suggestion that Dean switch to decaf.

“The Daily Caller is a propaganda organization,” Dean, the former governor of Vermont, said. “I’ve read The Daily Caller. I know what’s on there. Look, you got — there’s conservatives and then there’s right-wingers. The right-wingers are all about propaganda. Conservatives have a set of principles that don’t happen to be the same as mine but they are reasonable and you can do business. That’s how I differentiate that.”

Moments earlier, Dean ranted against the “thin-skinned and sanctimonious” press and called National Review “crap.”


“I grew up when the left had all the crazies,” he added. “Today the right has all the crazies.”

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