Tim Duncan totally hired some bro to stalk his wife

Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs is headed to the NBA Finals, while at the same time divorcing his wife. Big deal.

I’ve never been one to be interested in a celebrity’s personal life, unless it’s something amusing.  Kim Kardashian has a new husband or Angelina Jolie adopted yet another baby — who the hell cares? Tiger Woods cheating on his wife with hundreds of other woman, on the other hand? That’s more like it.

As for Tim Duncan divorcing his wife of 12 years?  Eh, I guess I’ll check it out, mainly because I always thought Tim Duncan was gay.  I never understood how he had such a beautiful wife when he looked so suspect.

What’s interesting is that Duncan hired a private investigator to follow his wife around for the past year. Come on, dog, you really have it that bad?  I know it’s an awful feeling to suspect your wife is cheating on you, and it’s one thing if you look at her text messages when she goes into the shower. But hiring a PI is definitely forcing it.

I’m sure more will surface once the court sessions begin.  Tim Duncan asked for rescheduling due to him being too busy with the NBA Finals to be able to proceed in court meetings.

He is currently playing his 16th year in the NBA and is in the midst of winning his 5th championship ring, in what some think may be his last year playing in the NBA. I hope this doesn’t make him lose his focus. Personal issues have taken players off their game in the past, remember Lebron a few years back? When he found out his teammate, Delonte West, was banging his mother?  Either way, I hope Duncan wins the finals this year.  Go Spurs.

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