Animals who don’t care that it’s World No Tobacco Day [slideshow]

The World Health Organization declared May 31 “World No Tobacco Day” in 1987. The goal is to raise awareness about the various health problems linked to smoking.

According to WHO’s website, each year is centered around a different theme or goal. The objective for 2013 is to “ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.”

While that’s all well and good, however not all creatures great and small believe that cigarettes are evil. Here are some adorable animals who are just exasperated by the deluge of anti-tobacco nanny campaigns. (RELATED: TheDC reviews cigarettes)


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  • Dogs can need a fix too.
  • This llama wants to reinforce that smoking isn't only for monkeys.
  • This gorilla has been having a super stressful day and wishes you'd stop judging him.
  • This monkey wants to know if you have a light.
  • This monkey wants people to know that he has the right as a free monkey to make decisions about his health.
  • Zippy the chimp hates when people make obnoxiously loud coughing noises behind him while he has a quick smoke while walking across the park.
  • Tori the orangutan prefers unfiltered. She thinks it tastes more robust.
  • This monkey wishes he didn't have to go outside the bar to smoke when he just wants to spend quality time with his old friends.


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