North Carolina politician denies being anonymous men’s fashion blogger

Politicians are theoretically people like us: people with dreams, questionable fashion sense and a love for expressing themselves on the Internet. A local North Carolina politician may be no different.

North Carolina State House Representative Bryan Holloway, a Republican, was recently fingered by fashion site IvyStyle.com as the psuedononymous author of the now-defunct preppy menswear blog, WASP 101.

WASP 101 — named for the sometimes derogatory, sometimes humorous term for the White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant social class — chronicled the escapades and clothing preferences of Richard, a North Carolina WASP.

Richard is also reportedly Holloway’s middle name.

Informed by an anonymous New England Internet sleuth with a vendetta, IvyStyle.com broke the story Thursday evening.

Holloway denied the allegations, but the doppelganger-like similarities suggest at least either that Holloway is a fan of Richard’s work, or that the two men share a brain.

Various photographs of the two men show similarities, including a fondness for similar dogs, clothing, and even the red brick on each man’s front stoop.

The allegedly two men also share similar biographical details, including age, birth date and occupation.

WASP 101 entries included quality features odes to “the first time you placed moleskin trousers on your skin,” girls willing to let Richard grab their “milky white breasts” for 10 dollars, untied bow ties as attire for cookouts, and first love.

Poor Richard’s blog was thought to be deleted after Holloway was outed, but remember, kids — the Internet is forever.

Thanks to the trusty robots at the Internet Archive, you too can now explore “the world of classic WASP style” — as promised in the blog’s subheading.

Holloway explained to WRAL reporter Laura Leslie that he all the attention was the result of him being the “victim of the day.”

Holloway did not respond to The Daily Caller’s request for comment by the time of publication.

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