Watch Minnesota baseball players shave-bomb their coach [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall | Contributor

College baseball has quickly become the best sport for video-bombing during interviews.

Recently, we saw the antics of the University of Cincinnati baseball team doing all sorts of creative things during post-game interviews.

Now, the University of Minnesota has tossed their hat into the ring with a great video-bomb while their coach was being interviewed during recent game.

Head coach John Anderson was putting viewers to sleep during his bottom-of-the-fourth-inning interview, so some of his players added a little fun into the mix.

Three players put on a show as two players gave a third a very professional-looking, old-fashioned shave right in the dugout behind Anderson.

Per their roster, outfielder Bobby Juan got to kick back and enjoy a nice shave at the hands of outfielder JT Canakes and infielder Chris Schaaf.

To close the interview, the broadcasters noted to Anderson that his players looked pretty loose in the dugout. Not getting the joke, Anderson curtly responded, “Yes, I think so,” as the players shuffled to remove any hint of their insubordination.


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