A lot of cops might get fired for being rappers [VIDEO]

Matthew Bedford | Freelance Contributor

Four northern New Jersey police officers are facing internal affairs charges after appearing in rap videos while off duty.

Maurice Gattison, president of the police union in Irvington, and three other officers have been charged with conduct unbecoming a police officer. All officers, if convicted, could lose their jobs.

Gattison, an 18-year veteran who created a Jersey buzz under the alias “Gat the Great,” is receiving the most heat in this case due to his violent lyrics, including rhymes that have the word “faggot.”

Despite the lyrics, Gat stands by his music: “When I say the words… I never say it intending to slander anybody. I’ve never used that term like that in my whole life. They got nothing. My career is impeccable. I do my job.”

But Councilman David Lyons sees it differently, and is calling for all four officers to be fired. “If they lose their jobs, that’s life. I think police officers need to take responsibility for their actions and they should have thought about the consequences before they took those actions.”

Gattison is adamant that his music career doesn’t impact his ability to perform his duties as a police officer. He is arguing that his lyrics should be protected under the First Amendment, and “Anyone who thinks I should be fired is an idiot.”

I don’t see why they should lose their careers making some rap songs.  It’s not like they are running drugs or framing people.  If Gat had created a movie with violence in it, would the same thing be happening? It’s just entertainment.


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