Which team has the hottest WAGs? Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs [SLIDESHOW]

The NBA playoffs have come down to two teams: the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs.

If, like many red-blooded Americans, you couldn’t really care less about professional basketball and instead have a countdown calendar to when the NFL season starts up, perhaps you might be interested in the attractive wives and girlfriends of the NBA’s top two teams? We thought that might get your attention.

Check out the WAGs of the Heat and the Spurs and tell us, which team has the hottest WAG? It’s a tough decision, but someone has to make it.

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  • Manu Ginobili tied the knot with adorable Marianela here just before he signed a $52 million contract with the Spurs in 2011. Must have been a fun honeymoon. (Photo: AP)
  • Ginger-haired Spurs power forward Matt Bonner got this beauty, Nadia, to marry him two years ago. Must be nice to be rich and famous. (Photo: Exquisite Weddings Magazine)
  • Miami's Chris Bosh scored his adorable wife Adrienne long before he became famous. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Tiffany Graves is Miami Heat player Mario Chalmers' longtime girlfriend. (Photo: Tiffany Graves/ Twitter)
  • Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra broke his own team's rule by dating Heat dancer Nikki Sapp. She retired in 2009, and the two have now gone public. (Photo: Nikki Sapp/ Instagram)
  • Ashley Logan, girlfriend of Spurs center DeJuan Blair, has a modeling career all on her own thanks to none other than Howard Stern. (Photo: Ashley Logan/ Instagram)
  • C-list actress Gabrielle Union made her way onto the B-list when she started dating Heat star Dwyane Wade. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Spurs player Tony Parker did something REALLY stupid when he started sexting with a former teammate's wife. Parker's then-wife Eva Longoria found out and was NOT pleased. The two are now divorced, but she is probably one of the most famous WAGs in NBA history. (Photo: Getty Images)

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