The Daily Caller presents: The first annual College Stupidity Awards

Brown University: Most confusingly offensive sex-related event

Are you a gay minority student struggling with an attraction to white people? Well, you missed out if you didn’t attend Brown’s “Protect Me From What I Desire” workshop on sexuality and attraction, where participants were segregated by race to enhance the dialogue, somehow. The Ivy League school also made headlines by covering students who decide they want to change genders under an already-generous student health insurance plan. (RELATED: Brown University’s workshop on gay sex will segregate students by race)

DePaul University: Most flagrant vandalism of a memorial for dead babies

On the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, 13 student vandals destroyed an anti-abortion display on the main campus of the nation’s largest Catholic university. The makeshift monument was erected by the DePaul chapter of Young Americans for Freedom with school permission. Later, an anonymous student wrote a letter to the student newspaper insisting that students have a right to walk across the Chicago campus without having their pro-abortion sensibilities offended. (RELATED: Memorial for aborted babies trashed at DePaul University)

Lehigh University: Most outrageous lawsuit

Lehigh University graduate Megan Thode sued Lehigh for $1.3 million because she was unhappy that she got a C+ in a class in 2009. Thode, 27, said the grade ruined her dream of becoming a licensed professional counselor. Her civil suit alleged breach of contract, sexual discrimination and a broader attempt to force her to abandon the graduate degree she had been pursuing. The Pennsylvania judge in the case ruled in favor of Lehigh. (RELATED: Lehigh University student got a C+ and now seeks $1.3 million)

University of Cincinnati: Best helicopter parents

A judge granted 21-year-old Aubrey Ireland a stalking order against her own parents after she claimed that the parents installed tracking software on her phone to monitor her around the clock. David and Julie Ireland must stay 500 feet away from the theater student for a year. (RELATED: College student in Ohio obtains stalking order — against her own parents)

San Jose State University: Least self-awareness

Sky-is-falling environmentalism professors at San Jose State University did the very thing conservatives often accuse them of doing: They burned a book that was skeptical of climate change. (RELATED: Climate change profs burns skeptical book)

University of North Carolina Wilmington: Best filthy poetry by a professor at a taxpayer-subsidized institution

The faculty of publicly-funded UNC-Wilmington is the professional home of Alessandro Porco, a randy professor who exuberantly peddles decadent smut. “Who would say No to a gang-bang?” asks one of his poems. “Who would say No to my scholarly toungin? Thank you fathers for your daughters.” Other gutter poems are entitled “Did I Shave My Nuts For This?” and “Ménage à Bush twins.” (RELATED: UNC-Wilmington hires porn-loving English professor who writes sick poetry)

Johns Hopkins University: Worst use of a simile for political purposes

Some members of the student government at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore were determined to prevent pro-life students from forming an official campus group, because, see, pro-lifers are just like the Klu Klux Klan. (RELATED: Johns Hopkins denies recognition to pro-lifers)


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