Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodels: A history [SLIDESHOW]

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

Ever since he turned on that charming smile for the big screen in 1997’s “Titanic,” Leonardo DiCaprio has had a lot of women. No, like a lot of women — you don’t even realize.

With all that “Titanic” cash coming out of his ass, it must have been easy for young Leo to have his pick of beauties. He was apparently so adept at this practice that the tabloids at the time gave he and his friends a nickname, which is too indelicate for a family publication. (Look it up. The second word starts with Posse.)

There are plenty of other extremely wealthy — dare we say even more handsome? — men than DiCaprio in Hollywood, but there is just something about Leo that attracts gorgeous women. Not just any gorgeous women, mind you, but certified supermodels. But why? It’s not fair! At 39, he’s not getting any younger. But his girlfriends certainly are.

We’re not quit sure what it is about Leo (besides the fact that he is rich and famous). Maybe he has Godiva-flavored nipples. Whatever it is, let’s take a walk through DiCaprio’s romantic past, shall we? Try not to get too jealous.

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