IRS to pro-life group: ‘You cannot force your religion’ [AUDIO]

“But you have to respect other people’s beliefs, other people’s rights and not, you know, use some kind of confrontation, you know, practice, against, or court action against another group,” Wan said later in the call.

The IRS sent Pro-Life Revolution a grammatically disastrous  letter dated February 5, 2013 requesting additional information about its protesting activities.

“You called for faithful Christians to praying and counseling in front of the abortion referring clinic, conducting activities in front of another entity, which take opposite positions, appears more like a type of protest, which interferes the normal operation of a business with an effect of humiliating the persons working or receives the service there,” according to the letter, which lists Sherry Wan as the IRS agent to contact.

Pro-Life Revolution’s tax-exempt status was finally approved with a letter dated May 19, 2013.

As The Daily Caller reported, the IRS improperly targeted the tax-exempt status of pro-life groups.

The IRS denied tax-exempt status to the group Coalition for Life of Iowa and forced leaders of the group, in a June 2009 phone call, to promise that they do not organize protests outside of Planned Parenthood.

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