What do They know about you? An interview with NSA analyst William Binney

Daily Caller: Does that kind of targeting happen? Is it possible for someone right now, from the EPA, or the IRS, or any other entity of the government, to just go and say, “Hey we’ve got some people who are causing trouble for us. They’re making FOIA requests we don’t like, or they’re politically not in our favor, so can we go right to NSA and get this information?”

Binney: Well that’s certainly possible. I don’t think they’d ask that openly. But if they had access to the program, all they’d have to do is go on it and get the data.

Daily Caller: So who has that access? According to Snowden even a high school-dropout contractor can do it.

Binney: Yeah. I mean that’s how they get into the system. Anybody with a terminal can have access to the systems.

Daily Caller: Anybody outside of NSA?

Binney: Yes, the FBI. I don’t know if they do it from the fusion centers or where, but the FBI has access to it. FBI Director Robert Mueller testified about that.

Daily Caller: The stuff that’s come up in the last couple days, is it a good thing? Is there any possibility of reform or restoration of the Fourth Amendment?

Binney: Certainly it’s possible to do. There’s a technical way to do it. But these people have all been duped by the intelligence community agencies. They throw technobabble down at the Congress and the judges. And those people have no idea what they’re talking about. All they can do is listen to the agencies and take their word for it. And they have no way of double checking or verifying. So I look at the oversight by Congress and the courts as just a joke. In the last year, how many requests for a warrant has the FISA court rejected? Zero. It’s just a rubber stamp. In 2002 the FISA courts found out that the FBI lied on 75 affidavits for a warrant. And they didn’t do anything as a result of that. How good of an oversight is that? It’s nothing, it’s a joke.

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