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Ha ha ha, Aaron Sorkin is insane!

Thanks to the invaluable Ace of Spades for pointing me to this wonderful trailer for season two of HBO’s unintentional comedy, The Newsroom:

Did you catch that? On Planet Sorkin, circa 2011, the Tea Partiers were targeting the journalists. The journalists were the victims.

I love it!

As Ace notes:

Two things strike me. First, the main character, the Aaron Sorkin Mary Sue (his ventriloquist doll, his idealized version of himself), says the Tea Party is the “American Taliban,” but then another character, aligned with the Aaron Sorkin Mary Sue, calls Occupy Wall Street the “American version of the Arab Spring.”

So much about Sorkin’s childishly demagogic worldview is summed up in that. Sorkin’s TV show is apparently — if you can imagine such a thing — a soap opera about a fictionalized, idealized version of MSNBC, for people so addicted to political pornography they can’t just watch MSNBC itself, but also crave a fictitious show about the behind-the-scenes workings of MSNBC.

Now that is Sorkin’s target audience. And yet he calls other people an American Taliban?

And then “Will McAvoy” gets called out for it by his own government. Whoa, since when has the U.S. government ever publicly targeted private citizens for their dissent?

Oh wait, since January 20, 2009. Obama’s the one who always does it. To Tea Partiers, to private citizens, to reporters whose stories he doesn’t like, etc.

But other than that, Sorkin really has his finger on the beating pulse of this nation. Is he back on shrooms? I really think some of his worst — and therefore best — work has been done on shrooms.

Whereas I’ve always thought Olivia Munn’s best work was on Attack of the Show:

That kick in the nads is Munn finally getting her revenge on all men everywhere. You go, girl!