Who could have guessed that this daycare worker molested children? [VIDEO]

A former substitute teacher and daycare worker in Southern California was arrested this week and charged with molestation.

Robert Ruben Ornelas, 62, allegedly molested a girl under the age of 12 on at least one occasion between 1990 and 1995, reports KTLA. Police have identified two additional victims since the arrest, and say there could be more.

Investigators say they confiscated several boxes of porn as well as computers containing digital images from the man’s home. The porn arsenal allegedly includes child porn and images of Ornelas in the act of molesting little kids.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, Ornelas’s mother ran an unlicensed daycare center at his home. Police speculate that Ornelas could have met his victims through the daycare, according to KTLA.

It was Ornelas’s brother, Ross Ornelas, who betrayed the alleged child molester’s secret to police after inadvertently stumbling upon disgusting¬†photos of Ornelas with young children in the Philippines.

Bail for Ornelas is set at $1 million.