Ted Cruz: Obama assaulting freedom on every front

From IRS targeting to the PRISM program, the Obama administration has disregarded our most basic freedoms as part of a Nixonian campaign to discredit its political enemies, Sen. Ted Cruz said in a speech Thursday.

“Using the machinery of government to target your political enemies is wrong. It was wrong when Nixon did it, and it’s wrong now,” the Texas Republican told an audience at the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Cruz characterized the nation’s current disagreements over religious freedom as part of an unbroken struggle waged since the days of the pilgrims.

Citing Obamacare’s birth control mandate for hospitals, Cruz declared, “the government has no business ordering Americans to contravene their faith.”

Cruz also expressed concern over possible violations of Americans’ privacy after revelations of secret phone and internet surveillance on a massive scale by the National Security Agency. He deplored efforts to ignore constitutional privacy rights and violate the Fourth Amendment.

“We have to protect our constitutional rights and our Fourth Amendment rights as law-abiding citizens. And security should not be an excuse for the federal government to violate the constitutional rights of American citizens.”

When asked about Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and HouseSpeaker John Boehner’s public accusations of treason against NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Cruz stated that Snowden may have done a great public service for the American people:

“It depends on what the facts are. It depends what specific policy it is. It also depends on who Mr. Snowden, who he is, what his motives are, and what exactly his conduct was. If it is the case of the administration having place a program that is violating the constitutional rights of American Citizens, Mr. Snowden drew that to everyone’s attention — then he may well have done an important public service.”