Group calls for investigation into whether Maryland resident Ed Markey paid his taxes

A pro-Republican Super PAC sent a letter to the comptroller of Maryland this week alleging that Democratic Massachusetts congressman and Maryland homeowner Ed Markey may not have paid taxes on his Maryland property.

Markey instead filed a tax return in Massachusetts, where he is currently running for the U.S. Senate against Gabriel Gomez in a special election to be held next Tuesday.

Markey has been hounded during the campaign by accusations that he does not actually reside in Massachusetts, where he has owned his parents’ modest home since 2001 despite owning a much more lavish property in Chevy Chase, Maryland, where he resides for most of the year.

Gomez slammed Markey in Tuesday night’s final election debate over Markey’s decision to redact his address from the tax returns his campaign showed reporters, which Markey claimed was an accountant’s error.

“It appears from a review of news accounts and Maryland law that Rep. Markey may in fact be a resident of Maryland for tax purposes and, thus, may owe Maryland taxes and should file a Maryland state tax return,” wrote America Rising PAC executive director Tim Miller in a letter to the comptroller of Maryland dated from Tuesday.

“Rep. Markey and his wife purchased their home in Chevy Chase in 1991. Their home is 3,412 square feet and is currently assessed for tax purposes at $1.3 million. According to Montgomery County property tax records, Rep. Markey listed his Chevy Chase home as his principal residence through 2001, but stopped listing his home as his personal residence after he purchased his parents’ house in Malden, MA,” Miller wrote.

“The 2001 purchase of his parents’ house following his father’s death was the first time Rep. Markey owned property in his congressional district. Rep. Markey bought the house for $150,000,” Miller wrote. “The house is currently valued at $204,800, and Rep. Markey doesn’t take advantage of a tax break for homes that are owner-occupied.”