Top 9: Most worthless protest signs [SLIDESHOW]

The unrest over mounting scandals in Washington, D.C. has shown itself in a rash of citizen protests. And nothing makes a protest more effective than a clever yet poignant protest sign.

But for every thought-provoking slogan that generates buzz for a certain issue, there are plenty more that only serve as sources of confusion.

Here are 9 of the most worthless protest signs that set the serious protesters back a few years.

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  • Spelling clearly isn't this protester's strong suit, but we're sure he's good at other things. Like riding Harleys and tenderizing beef jerky. (photo from democraticunderground.com)
  • This protestor clearly doesn't understand how oil works. (photo from imgur.com)
  • We assume the next picture is this guy lighting his sign on fire. (photo from barenakedislam.com)
  • A favorite among six-year-old Obama haters everywhere. (photo from wonkette.com)
  • Someone needs to tell this man that Goldman Sachs isn't the guy in the alley who's trying to steal his purse. (photo from motleynews.net)
  • Unless this guy was at a head-stand convention, we feel like no one's getting his message. (photo from creepingsharia.wordpress.com)
  • You need to be more specific. (photo from funny-pictures.feedio.net)
  • Laziness has no part at a protest rally. (photo from lolgicalnihilism.com)
  • The end result of when emotion gets the better of creativity (photo from twitpic.com).

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