10 things you should never put on your face [SLIDESHOW]

All the hype surrounding the pros and cons of Google Glass has raised a truly important question, for vanity’s sake: how ridiculous will it look on your face?

In an age when people tattoo hipster glasses around their eyes and pay for bird poop facials, it’s time to set the record straight on what is and is not acceptable to put on your face.

For your education on what not to wear, dig this.

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  • There are many upsetting aspects of this photo, but the badger mask and face paint should probably go. (photo: Badger Spirit/ Flickr)
  • Their eyes aren’t the only things that should go behinds bars for wearing these glasses. (photo: whitneyjane/ Flickr)
  • Some people pay $180 for a bird poop mask, a facial that spas claim acts as a cleanser. Others suggest just washing your face. (photo: Beppie K/ Flickr)
  • Admit it. When you see someone in one of these masks, you’re wondering where the epidemic just broke out and if eating human flesh is a possible symptom. (photo: stavrum/ Flickr)
  • If the eyes really are the window to the soul, these soccer ball contact lenses will shatter the glass. (photo: cococontacts.com/ Flickr)
  • This charming knit mask is ideal for the artsy, crafty burglar, but highly uncomfortable for everyone else. (photo: spiritinaphotograph/ Flickr)
  • And, please, if you’re going to get nerd glasses tattooed on your face, make sure they go all the way over your ears. (photo: MatthewG15/ Flickr)
  • No one over 10 should get their face painted. It's creepy. Period. (photo: Captain Awkward/ Flickr)
  • Google glasses: No matter how cool the tech geek looks in the advertisement, you will look like a preteen escapee of a "Battlestar Galactica" costume competition if you wear these bad boys in public (photo: tedeytan/ Flickr).

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